Released in 2016, this is the most recent album from the Vivants, a project that I helped start back in 2009 with my pal Emily Bonn. This EP, Bluegrass Special, is a homage to the earliest era of bluegrass back in the 1940's when Sally Ann Forrester played accordion in Bill Monroe's famed band, the Bluegrass Boys. I love this album because its one of the few legit bluegrass records I've ever heard featuring accordion. It's also the first album that I ever sang lead vocals on, albeit for just one song. I'd like to thank the band for giving me the opportunity to sing lead on a song. Also, I'm super proud that we recorded this album live in the studio, with no overdubs, editing or headphones.

People have told me that my project Blisses B remind them of the Minutemen and New Order. I don't know if that's true but it's a huge complement. "Sea Level Astronomy" was super fun to make because I really got to experiment with some cool pedals like envelope filters, octavers, reverbs, and distortion. I hope you like it!

This full length album, Western Addition, was performed and written by my Country & Western Band, the Vivants. I really enjoyed working on this record because the music was just plain fun to play and I got to play my clarinet and bass fiddle.

Bryn Loosley is a gifted songwriter and school teacher who lives in Santa Cruz, CA. He's a polite, warm, and down right likeable guy if there ever was one. I'm glad he's my friend and colleague. I feel fortunate to have been a part of his full length album "Blood Year." That's me on clarinet and upright bass on the track, "Like a Lamb." If you like Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, or Van Morrison, you'll like this album, too!


I love the new full length Earl Brothers album, Outlaw Hillbilly. It's our darkest and most stripped down work to date. I had a lot of fun playing and experimenting with the melodic style that I ended up using on "Hard Times Down the Road." Bluegrass Unlimited had some nice things to say about Hard Times Down the Road, "Infectious and unexpected bass line. I'd like to hear more of [that] in the future." Chirs Hillman, the bassist for the Bryds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, said "Like the hillbilly bass player, adds a different and unique aspect to the band." The track "Cheater" was an interesting song to record. I used one note and rhythm for the bass line. I've never played a song as simply as I played that cut. Also, the fiddle tune that I wrote, "Rebel's Romp," made the final cut and is on this album. Bobby Earl Davis is hard to please. I'm proud that my tune made the cut. Shout out to all my peeps up in Saskatchewan for inspiring the tune!